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DIY Anthro Ornament

Blown Glass Ornaments with delicate feathers are everywhere this year.  I decided to take on Anthropologie's version as I knew I could make one for less than $14 a ball.  I mean... come on Anthropologie!!! You made this one too easy.  No mine does not have a blown glass hook, but once it's hung in the tree would you really notice?  Plus, I have the opportunity to change out my feather next year.  

All I used was a set of clear glass ball ornaments from the craft store.  Simply remove the hanger & insert the feather of your choice.  DONE!  Even if you don't have a crafty bone in your body, you too can do this.

For our main tree I duplicated this look using fluffy white feathers & still made ten ornaments for less than $14.

Here are a few feather ornaments that are a little more difficult to DIY.

Z Gallerie's version is a gorgeous shape & at 13"high a piece, 
I could see spending a little more money on these.

Again, beautiful shapes that compliment each feather are all combined in this set from DwellStudio.

Glass Ball With Feather Ornament

West Elm is on board too.


At $3.95 Crate & Barrel wins for best value for sure.  
I wouldn't bat an eye at that price tag.  Plus it even has the fancy hook :)

I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving & are recovering from your food comas.  

Thistlewood Farm, Cleverly Inspired, & I have all teamed up again to share some Christmas Decorating ideas.  Check back all week for links to some beautiful inspirations.

Head over to Thistlewood Farm & see KariAnne's gorgeous Christmas Guest Room (& that shutter wall!).

Guest Bedroom Christmas



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  1. I love those clear ornaments, and I love the feathers!

  2. Beautiful! Seriously identical! I just may have to make some!

  3. What a great, simple project! Love this idea.

  4. Oh, how pretty! This is easy peasy -- and it looks great, too! My husband and I have the Crate and Barrel feather ornament, and it is one of our favorites on our tree! But I can definitely see making some more -- and for that price?! I mean...come on! Thanks so much for sharing with us!

  5. Your ornament is so pretty, I love the peacock feather, and less than $1, we could cover our trees in them!

    xoxo, Tanya

  6. So pretty! I used to manage an Anthropologie Home Dept. even with the discount $14 is a hefty sum! Love your take!!

  7. Love this! Where did you find your feathers?

  8. You go girl these are awesome. Feathers are so pretty but such an underated decor item I think .. well not anymore :)


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