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Seeing Spots... & a Deal for YOU!

Even though I have NO time to be sick, I am.  And have been all weekend.  So is Chloe.  Which means nothing that really needed to get done did.  I will send a big thanks out to the hubs for helping out with everything.  

So since I'm seeing spots, I thought I'd share some of my favorite spotted designs so you can join in the fun too.  ha.

tiffany richey office3
Tiffany Richie Design via La Dolce VIta

Seeing Spots
Lucky Mag

Meredith Heron
Emerson Fry (Coming Soon)
Michelle Adams
spotted fabric chair
Pinterest via Little Green Notebook... Lost link.

If you want to get on the spotted trend too, what better way than a pillow cover (& an affordable one at that!!)

Spots Pillow Cover- Togo- Dots- Black- White- 18x18"
Spots Pillow Cover $28 Kassapanola

Agnes from Kassapanola (one of my go to Etsy shops for Pillows) has been gracious enough to give my lovely readers { that would be YOU! } 20% off at her shop by simply entering the code: 


Now that is something that would make me feel better!  So head on over to Kassapanola & pick out some pillows!!

xo- K
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  1. Although I enjoyed your "spot" pics I hope you aren't seeing them much longer; hope you and little feel better soon.

  2. I love that bag and pillow. Hope you feel better soon.

  3. Feel better, Kristin! Those pants are my favorite, cute pillows too!

  4. Aww, sorry your sick girl :( I'm loving spots now too, wish I could wallpaper my bedroom in that!! Hope you're all feeling better soon!

  5. I'm with you, the illness hit me today. Still enjoyed your spots though :) Feel better soon!

  6. Love love love all the spots!! So sorry to hear you are sick- hope you get better soon.

  7. I will be repeating myself by saying that I love everything you post and make. And your blog is one of my favourites.
    One of my other favourite blog is , (I don't know if you already know it but since I believe that blogging is sharing, I thought I should share it anyway). The reason I'm mentioning this is that the blogger, Ana Antunes, who is a very famous interior designer in Portugal and works for the Portuguese version of Extreme Makeover home edition, did a makeover and she painted the VITTSJO metal/glass bookcase gold ( I think it's a very good result but then again I like everything she does, also.
    It's pretty irrelevent with the post but I thought about it the minute I saw those pretty golden bookshelves in two of your inspiration photos. Sorry for taking so much space! Get well soon!

  8. Just found your blog and just ordered a pillow with the 20 marking both to visit often!

  9. Old Navy has pointed toe flats with that same print. They are super cute!


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