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Family Portrait Outfits

Next week we have a very important... ummm... lets say family picture. {sorry so vague} So when it's time for family pics, it's time for outfit coordination.  I look at putting outfits together like I look at fabrics & accessories for a room.  A mix of patterns & textures all with the end goal of not being like one of those pictures on Awkward Family Photos.  That site has some real treasures.

I think I have everything planned out... I think?!?  There is still time for throwing everything to the wind & changing my mind at the last minute.  Something I have never been known to do {insert sarcasm here}


Our outfits express our personalities & I think Chloe is fully expressed in this fun little number...

shirt & skirt }

There is a lot of pattern.  There is a lot of color.  But the little purple polka dots & the purple headband pull this look together.  I figure that you are only 2 once, so why not have fun with it.  

I will admit, I have mommy guilt sometimes.  I look around at other little girls & think "should I be dressing my daughter in more traditional outfits with big bows too?"  But that's just not who we are... Does anyone else feel like this?  I'd rather stay true to who we are... especially in a photo.

My outfit is a little classic, a little trendy, a little glam & a little casual.  I think that defines my style to a T!  I scored this Vivienne Tam shirt on a major sale & love the little touches of sparkle.  I am admittedly a magpie.  I was also lucky enough to be able to borrow these killer calf hair Zara spotted pumps from my wonderful cousin! 

The hubs' outfit was admittedly the easiest to pull together.  They have it so easy!!!  A button down & a pair of jeans (even though they are the jeans I bought for him that he doesn't like, he'll be a sport & wear them.  Love You!)  But the coloration of the stripes helps to tie in all of our "looks."

Do you all stress over outfits on family shots?  I will say that I am stressing about this one way more than I normally would.


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  1. mwuah, says the "wonderful cousin"

  2. hmmm im hoping this photo shoot has more to do with your design work than just a wee little family photo op- that would be so awesome! and I think your work is totally worthy of such!

  3. I've got 3 boys and a man - they don't care how they look in family photos, so I just thrown them all in jeans and color-coordinate our tops and call it good.

    Cute choices :)

  4. Love your outfit picks! I'm going to attempt to take our own family photos this weekend (another challenge all in itself), and have found that we have very few outfits that coordinate well!! I'm all about bright colors whereas my hubby tends to be a band t-shirt kinda guy and my son prefers graphic teas or polos, but none of which go well with anything else! I've got a few options to try out and hope for the best!

  5. it going to look great, as i know the bright colors always do well in photoshot. cant wait to see the result!

  6. Awesome choices! LOVE Chloe's outfit. Hey, if you two are not the bows every day type, don't sweat it. You have a great outfit pulled together and yes, your hubby's ties it all together. Don't worry ~ just enjoy the process!


  7. Love the outfits! Super cute :) And I totally feel ya on the whole "dressing in bows n' stuff"...I used to think the same thing. I would see people putting there little girls in cutesy tutus and all the fluff and I thought I should do something similar...but I too wanted to keep it real. I put my little one in a similar, fun outfit for our photos..I definitely think it makes the photo even more special. :)

  8. why are you guys SO adorable? i love those heels!


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