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The Art of an Accent Door

I love all of the bold choices that people are making with doors these days.  Everyone has them, so why not make yours stand apart from the cookie cutter crowd?  My personal opinion on choosing which door(s) should be your accent door starts a little like this...  Do you have an odd door in your home?  A pair of bifold doors, a pantry door that stands alone, a closet door that stands alone?  These would always my first choice.  Here are a few examples illustrating how these accent doors can make a room.

Suzie: James R. Salomon Photography - Jeanne Rapone - Beautiful blue & yellow kitchen with ...
Jeanne Rapone

This simple pocket door would literally disappear if it was white, by painting it yellow it adds major interest that draws your eye into the kitchen.

Layla & Kevin The Lettered Cottage
Layla & Kevin took the opportunity to make these french doors pop by giving them a great coat of red paint.  

Lonny Mag

Accent doors can be black too... this closet door is a great example.  The great details are only enhanced by the black paint & the door becomes more of an art statement now.

Love, love, love the colors in this room & I'm always a fan of a dutch door.
Country Living

I have had a love affair with this room for a long time now... But what better opportunity for an accent door than an interior dutch door!  Perfection in my book.

Mayme Baker as seen in House of Fifty

Again, a special pair of french doors become even more inviting thanks to this lovely shade of lavender.

Paint just the edge of the door for a surprising color accent. Genius
Martha Stewart Living

If a full accent door paralyzes you, than this little pop of color is an ideal choice.  I would choose this option for a door that would most often remain open to show that fantastic sliver of color.

door color
Martha Stewart
Don't have a door worthy of an accent?  Create your own!  Martha Stewart (of course) shows us that by simply rethinking a plain door with a ceiling medallion & an oversized door knob you too can have an incredible DIY accent door.

Our house currently stinks thanks to some paint fumes from our latest accent doors.  (a pretty brilliant diy update if I do say so myself...)  As soon as the paint dries they'll be posted!


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  1. I am in LOVE with the sliver of paint on the edge of the door. This will be happening on my bathroom door this weekend! Now to choose a color :)

  2. I have one of those pocket doors in my kitchen. Hmmm. Maybe I should paint mine a fun color too!
    Love all the photos!

  3. I love the outlining of that bathroom door, super quick and easy. Love this!

  4. Huh. I never considered painting the profile edge of a door like that. It's pretty much brilliant.

  5. OO.. I can't wait to see! I've been wanting to do an accent door in our home for awhile now, but we have SO many doors in our downstairs it's kind of tricky to decide if just one of them should be painted or if they should all get a little love. Need more time to think I guess!

  6. Of all the improvements we have made on our townhouse, my favorite has been painting the inside of my front door Bumblebee yellow. It is so bright and happy, and has given some life to my drab entry :). I still need to pain the walls around the door and add some wainscotting, but so far it looks amazing. Hopefully soon I can get some pics on my blog :) Love all of these doors!!!!

  7. I love this idea as well! So unexpected.

  8. I really love your kitchen and all the rooms in your house you've posted about...
    Can't wait to see your the doors!

  9. Ok, so now I'm racking my brain thinking about all the doors in our new house-to-be. We have a pocket door to our master. I've got to work this in somehow!

  10. I have been wanting to paint my pantry door for some time now. This inspiring post is the push I needed to choose a color and go for it! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Bold color of doors is the trend of modern interior painting and people love these bold doors.

  12. Hi Kristin! Catching up on a few of your posts. That CL photo with the Chiang Mai chair has long been one of my favorites, too. I just painted my back door kelly green, with new black doors adjacent to it...LOVE! The suspense is killing me...can't wait to see what you've done!


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