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Measuring Up: Yardsticks

There has been a yardstick trend going for a few years now.  I must admit, I love the warmth & texture a grouping of them bring, & the subject matter will always play a role in my profession.  I also think that every space can use a little old thrown in to add another layer to your design.  Here are a few chic yardstick installs that definitely measure up.

I believe that anything (well almost anything) grouped in mass instantly makes it more powerful & modern.  This simple install makes a big statement.

yard stick art by catlin stothers design
Caitlin Stothers Designs via Houzz

Ok... technically not a real yardstick, but you get the idea.  This piece adds a touch of humor to this sophisticated space, which can also be crazy useful if you've got little ones running around.

love the yard stick!

Stair Risers are generally overlooked, but they are a great opportunity to add impact to the right space.


While out a few weeks ago, we too jumped on the yardstick trend.  We needed a stool for the littles.  It was time.  We figured a stool would be safer than the giant metal mixing bowls she was pulling out & flipping over to stand on (smart move though, right?)  I spotted this little charm infused beauty while at Hobby Lobby... & you know it was on sale.

Being completely honest, I did run over the top & sides with a fine grit sandpaper as there were a few rough patches.  Beyond that, no customization, no makeover, just a great little find for $12! 

xo- K

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  1. How fun. The top one from Troy, OH is only 20 mins. from me and is now a 937 areacode.

  2. So cute what you did with the stool for your little ... yes, she was clever indeed with the turned over bowl trick, I think I see an Industrial Design mind in the making :) Great inspiration images too, especially the drama and scale of the first. What's really getting to me though is the yard sticks you used in your project; I grew up in the 513 area code not far from Troy Oh, and oh how I'd love to have a handful of old yardsticks with those references on them.

  3. Adorable! The stool and those tiny feet!

  4. I just got a couple of vintage foldable measuring sticks for 25 cents each! Planning to line a shelf with it all around. :-)

  5. I love this project, I have been holding off on painting an old stool the little's use to reach the sink. Must find yardsticks!



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