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Spotlight: Bellish Limited

We all know I love a bold mix of pattern... well I have found a new local Atlanta designer who feels the same way.  Meet Bellish Limited & the lovely lady behind these amazing creations is Jennifer Rotondo.  "Jennifer unearths the chair frames, designs the redressed look for each chair and hand picks all the fabrics to transform every piece of furniture into a limited edition piece of art." (Bellish Limited, LLC)

I was lucky enough to see some of these in person & they are stellar.  The attention to detail is tastefully done (with a wink)!  Please be sure to go over to Bellish Limited to see the collections.  

On a personal note...

Be sure to check out our Home Tour (a few new pics have been added!) over at 6th Street Design School today!  I am such a fan of Kristen Krason & her work.  Thanks Kristen!!

6th Street Design School

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  1. Just found your amazing blog through 6th Strret Design School - LOVE IT! New follower, and can't wait to spend more time checking out all of your stuff :)

  2. I too just found your blog and LOVE it! Your taste and style is spot on to how I like to decorate my house too...on a low budget. Thanks for sharing all your tips!

  3. Just found you through 6th Street Design School- I love your home!! Your style is amazing!!

  4. Just found your blog over at 6th St and I am loving everything you are doing. I think I am going to get me one of those Home Depot rugs and get to painting before the summer ends here in NY. Thx for the tip from a happy new follower!

  5. I met them at the Vintage Revival help a couple of weekends ago at the Goat Farm......some really cute stuff!


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