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Tie it Back

Much like a good ponytail, the proper drapery tieback has many styles... crisp & classic, loose & playful.  Here are some ideas for tying those panels back without looking like you just put on a scrunchee.

A vintage plate glued to a sturdy screw gives an unexpected yet chic look.

{ Image via Country Living }

Vintage Door Knobs are an option I have used myself.

Vintage Crystal Door Knob Hook
{ Image via Eviemethough on Etsy }

Group Necklaces for an unexpected hit of sparkle.  This look could change styles quickly depending on the style of necklace used.

{ Image via Blue Velvet Chair }

This simple solution is Hardware Store Chic for sure.

{ Image via Budget Wise Home }

Thick rope tie backs add a relaxed feel.

{ Image via Restoration Hardware }
Dakota Rope Drapery Tiebacks Natural
{ Restoration Hardware ON SALE NOW $50-$80 }

I really like the scale of these tie backs.  Go big or go home right?

{ Image via New House Textiles }

Tips for successfully pulling back drapery:

If you plan on tie back your drapery panels, make sure your panels are longer than you need.  Otherwise, once you tie them back, they just look too short.  Oops.

tie back curtains

If you need just a little bit more length on your panels, consider using Rings & Pins to allow them to hang properly.

& if you need just a little more... Rings & Clips.  

Do you tie back?

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  1. Love these options...I have been toying with the idea of tying my curtains back but haven't decided on a tie back. I love the simplicity of the rope and the snap and hook key ring.


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