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Stenciled Book Spines

I LOVE using books for decorating a space.  I dream of having giant built in bookcases to showcase my massive (yet to be collected) collection.  But until then, I have to showcase books stacks at a time.  When books are in mass the titles, the colors of the spines all blend creating such a warm & welcoming look.  But when there are just a few books, those things tend to stand out.  Especially book titles.  Guests are more likely to read the titles on a stack of books.  I know I would... out of curiosity... no judging.  Since we have a few books (that I have no idea how we acquired) that I really don't want people judging seeing, I needed a solution.

Seriously... the Saddam Hussein autobiography... not my idea of a good read & not really something I want blaring from my shelf.  I think books on display should tell a story about your interests... Design, Food, Dictator... I don't think so.

Enter in my latest DIY.  Stenciled Book Covers!!!  I channeled my inner 8th grader & pulled out my craft paper & started covering my books.  It was middle school all over again.  Only this time there would be no hearts & cute boy's initials...

Michelle from DIY Stencils was nice enough to send a few of her new stencils over for me to try.  She has some great new designs over at her Etsy shop.  I highly recommend going over & checking them out.  I decided that I would use the Peacock Dream stencil for my book covers.

Peacock Dream: Reusable Wall Stencil for DIY decor - decorative stencil, feathers, stencil, stencils

I taped off a single feather, grouped my books together, gave them a light spray of silver spray paint & VOILA!  Instant shelf art!!!

This was such a quick & easy way to dress up our shelves with some unexpected interest... not to mention getting rid of those undesirable book titles.

Thanks again to Michelle over at DIY Stencils for sharing some beautiful designs with me.  I have another fun stencil project up my sleeves... Leopard.  yep.  L E O P A R D!

L I N K I N G   U P   T O :

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  1. These are beautiful! Love how it is a continuous image over all the books! Lovely!! ;)

  2. I live this idea! So chic and stylish. Did you have her link on your post and I missed it? I love that design!

  3. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! I LOVE seeing how creative people can do things with stencils I would never think of in a million years!

  4. I must say this is a really clever idea, you have gone out of the box with this and I just love your work, very nice and beautiful. Thank you for sharing.


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