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Crazy for Chalkboards

A big trend the past few years has been chalkboard paint.  I am a huge fan & have it in multiple places around our home.  The littles REALLY loves it.  It has come a longway from just a painted frame though.... here are some ideas that are keeping this trend fresh.

Another genius addition via Wild Chairy.

from wild chairy - chalkboard chair!
{ Wild Chairy }

Why not cover some industrial pendant lights?  This would be really fun in a boy's room.

{ Ruthi Auda }

Paint a collection of old bottles.  

{ Ruthi Auda }

Transform basic porcelain mugs with this bake on version that allows your mugs to be dishwasher safe.

DIY chalkboard mug
{ Wit & Whistle }

Take simple canvases, or squares of mdf & create a simple chalkboard art installation.

{ Image via Remodelista; Design via Hinge Design Studio }

Don't have a backsplash... create the illusion of one by simply taping off the wall.

Chalkboard backsplash.
{ Image via Remodelista }

Ordinary objects gain new life with the addition of some chalkboard paint.

{ Image via Design Sponge }

There is a big trend right now in eliminating large bathroom mirrors... not sure I love this trend, but I love how whimsical this powder room is.

Chalkboard Paint Recipe
{ Image via Design Sponge }

If you want to jump on to the Chalkboard design trend, here are a few ways to Do It Yourself:

Create your own chalkboard paint using any flat latex paint.
{ Martha Stewart Chalkboard Paint Recipe }

Porcelain Bake On Chalkboard Paint
NEW! Chalkboard Black, 45 ml Bottle
{Pebeo Porcelain Chalkboard Paint }

Rustoleum's Brush On.... Love this stuff!!!
{ Rustoleum Brush On Chalkboard Paint }

Yet to try the spray... but I may have a project for it soon.
{ Rustoleum Spray Chalkboard Paint }

Are you over chalkboard?  Or are you still loving the endless possibilities like I am.

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  1. Thats really cool, especially the mug part. I would have never thought of putting it chalkboard paint anywhere but a blank wall.

    -Irwin Zinkin

  2. when my brother and his then girlfriend now wife bought their home 5 years ago they painted their entire powder room (excluding ceiling) with chalkboard paint and have a basket of chalk and cloth in their for people to doodle on the walls with. It was kinda new and awesome as this was before the big chalkboard craze hit. Every so often they would wash off the walls. Usually after there was some drunken vulgarness or there was no room left to write anything.

  3. Hi there! I clicked over from Design Sponge. I love your style and can't wait to see what else you have up your sleeve. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Hi! I love all your ideas and designs, these chalkboard paint ideas are great!

  5. Kristin...I use all of those, including the spray..and I love it! :) It was great meeting you at Haven and having you in the posse. Looking forward to next time!

  6. I got the spray kind and my board is still pretty blotchy. I just don't get along with spray paint on flat surfaces I guess. Love all the ideas that you have. I still really like chalkboards!


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