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Skirted Tables

I grew up in a home, in the 90's, sporting some serious fluffy skirted tables.... (Mom, I don't hold it against you, they were popular!) I have just had an aversion to them ever since.  But lately I am swooning over these tailored versions.  So much so, I think I might just have one in the works very soon.

Unexpected Shape + Fabulous Fabric = Gorgeous Entry

skirted tables
{ Image via here }

Fun Fresh Color.
another skirted table!
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Clean, simple, chic.  That is what it's all about.

Love skirted tables. Who knows what lies beneath? Like the trim.
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skirted table / x benches

The tie details on this linen skirted console are such a great detail.

skirted table
{ Image via here }

I remember tearing this out of my Domino magazine years ago for my inspiration file.

{ Design via Palmer Weiss }

Great DIY Versions...

{ Tutorial via Little Green Notebook }
{ Tutorial via Elizabeth @ The Mustard Ceiling }

What I love about these classic skirted tables is that you can transform a ho hum piece of furniture into this chic statement with just a little fabric.  Plus you can hide just about anything underneath!!

skirted table using magnets
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Are you into skirted tables?

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  1. I just (yesterday) built a little makeup vanity for my bedroom out of scrap pallet wood. It's pretty rough looking. This is a FABULOUS idea! Thanks for planting that seed!

  2. K,

    I did this at Christmas time for a seasonal change with the console table in my dining room and I couldn't believe how childproof it was. My curious little toddler didn't disturb my inside contents at all.

    The table skirt has certainly evolved from our moms' ruffly days into a sleeker, more modern look.

    Thanks for sharing,

    1. This will be a toddler fix for sure! She might try to use it as a fort though...

  3. What beautiful examples you have shared!! Megan

  4. I am! I made a tailored round one for my bedroom. I've just started following you, not sure how I found you, but I sure do enjoy your posts. Loved the headboard!! You did a great job!

  5. There is a wonderful product made my tablevogue, ( transforms a 6' folding table into something that is truly design worthy. Glue on decorative ribbon and you are ready to go. It is a must for people who entertain.

  6. Thanks Kristin for including my table skirt in your round up. I was reading your post, scrolling along, thinking how beautiful each image was (you have posted a lot of inspirational images that I haven't seen before) and was surprised when I ran across mine.

    They really a terrific way to update a piece of furniture and a great way to add a little extra storage space to a room. Good luck, I know yours will be fabulous!


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