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Trying to take advantage of every inch of space is always a goal for me when designing a space.  The same goes for planting our containers during the spring months.  We have a large Chiminea that is used nearly every night during the Fall & Winter months.  During the Spring & Summer it is rarely, if ever, lit.  Now that the littles is on the deck more than ever & into everything, we decided to toddler proof it this season.  This idea came after she came over to me with a mouth full of ash & telling me it was "dirty sand!"  GROSS!  To solve this, we simply turned the Chiminea backwards so the opening faced the deck rails... But it looked a little odd.  

Why not plant the top?!?  I decided that dropping a terracotta pot into the top opening would be an easy enough solution...  It would allow the pot to drain into the vessel of the Chimnea, & the large opening would be large enough to let that water evaporate.

I measured the top opening & headed to the store thinking I would get a standard terracotta pot...  Wouldn't you know, the only size that would fit was this gorgeous grayed out terracotta.  

I planted the pot with some regular Lemonade Petunias in the back & white Wave Petunias in the front.  If you are not familiar, Wave Petunias will mound & cascade so I can only imagine how pretty these beauties will be spilling down over the neck of the Chiminea in a few weeks!

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  1. Beautiful and a great idea! Be sure to give us a little update photo when they grow a bit. We have an upside down frisbee in the top of our chiminea that we fill with birdseed. The birds love it!


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