hunted interior


R I V E R   M I R R O R: Gorgeous mirrors that appear to be flowing through the wood

W O O D   P E A R L   H U R R I C A N E: This fun little accessory adds an element of nature & texture.

P E T R I F I E D    B O O K E N D S: Age does come with beauty!

H A N D M A D E    W O O D E N    N E C K L A C E: Made in Florence out of leather & wood beads.

B R O N Z E   C E R A M I C   B O W L: An inexpensive way to add some organic glamour.

L I V E   E D G E   T A B L E: Stunning table with a scary price tag... I have priced these out before & they can go for up to $25,000!

{ SPOILER ALERT!  I was so inspired by one of these pieces that I just made one... Can you guess which one? }

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  1. Hi Kristin,

    I saw your fab rug featured on Serenity Now, and just had to check out your site. I love it! I'm a new blogger as well, and renovating a 1960's house. I'm trying to balance a new and updated look with original charm. I'm finding that it's not also so easy.

    I would love it if you stop by my blog as well.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Your newest follower,


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