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{ Image via The Glitter Guide, Home Tour of Krystal from This Time Tomorrow }

It has seemed that for years the go to decorative accent has always been a bowl of some form filled with balls or orbs of some form or another.  "I just don't know what to put here!?"  well the answer usually ended up a bowl full of balls.  I know I'm guilty of it.  Well now I think the Bell Jar or Cloche is quickly taking it's place.  Thank goodness... it's time for a change right?  The beauty of the bell jar is that you can put anything under them & it instantly gives the item enclosed importance.  I recently found one in our crawl space.  An big, old, heavy glass one & I am dying to use it somewhere.  I'm thinking it is going to live in our hutch once it is built.  I know you guys think I'm lying when I say "I recently found this ______ in my attic" but seriously, I really do find these things!  I bet you would too... You just have to be willing to dig! 

Bell jar love - nice centre piece.x Frame what you want........
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Die letzten Rosen
{ Image via Herz-Allerliebst a beautiful blog from Germany }

{ Image via Porch Light Interiors }

bell jar
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{ Image via The Neo Traditionalist }
Bell jar used in the centerpiece
{ Image via Greige Design }
bell jar
{ Image via Design Sponge }
How great to display your children's toys... Love this idea for a boy's room.
Bell jar sculpture by Lucas
{ Sculpture by Lucas Mongiello... but anyone could totally DIY this }

Here are some sources for Bell Jars:

{ Crate & Barrel $59.95 }
{ Z Gallerie $69.95 }
Set of 2 Glass Cloche Bell Jars (16" &11.5" ) $25
{ Save on Crafts $25 for a set of 2! Great Source, btw... }


I had a bell jar.  This is what I get for writing a post about it.  I am so upset!



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  1. love it! i just bought a little cheese plate cloche this week from goodwill and i'm not sure what i'm doing with it, but i knew i had to have it! so glad it's the "in" thing to do. hehe!


  2. You are so right! They are everywhere, and I am definetly on board. I just might have to get one for our shelves....or maybe coffee table. Ooo, or dining buffet.

    1. Do it on your coffee table so I can live vicariously through you! I don't see any decorative accents anywhere near Chloe's reach for the immediate future.


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