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The weather is gorgeaous outside here in Atlanta & everyone is itching to get in their gardens... no literally...their eye's are itching thanks to the record breaking amounts of pollen.  Gross.  I literally hosed down our entire deck only to have in covered again by lunch. 

{ Image via here }

While I wait out this nasty stuff.  A few more weeks, a few more weeks, a few more weeks...  I thought I'd share some outdoor inspirations I would like to incorporate one way or another this year.

A mix of colors, patterns & materials.  I was locked into to a color scheme last year & much prefer this eclectic bright look for 2012.

{ Image via a favorite of mine... Emily A Clark }

My hubs has been wanting to do one of these sails for years.  They can be relatively inexpensive... Maybe this is the year to try it as our umbrella was snapped by the wind a few weeks ago.

comfy and bright patio area with bamboo
{ Image via UKTV }
My dad had one of these busts last year filled with succulents & I thought I was going to hate it... but I kinda fell for it's quirky, eclectic feel.

Cranium Garden  Not exactly upcycled, but certainly unique, these head planters are bound to elicit smiles and admiration.
{ Image via DIY Network }

Add some interest to my container gardens this year.

{ Image via HGTV }
planter ideas
{ Image via Toronto Life }

     Update our large deck planter...

{ Image via HD Magazine }
I think my dad is going to attempt this framed succulent garden.  Isn't it gorgeous?  There is a kit... but it's kinda pricey.  I'll definitely tag along for the ride (camera in hand) if he decides to take this on.

Vertical garden
{ Image via Country Living }

Also, here is a great tip for any of you out there with mildew on your outdoor rugs.  The best stuff that I have found to get rid of it is Tilex Mold & Mildew.  Simply spray it on & let it do it's work.

Check out all my other outdoor inspirations on my Outside Pinterest Board.  What do you have planned once this pollen disappears?

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