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As if I wasn't busy enough this weekend, I have started an abstract painting... A BIG abstract painting.  Our dining room is in need of some color so I am taking inspiration from these stunning pieces of art.

{ Painting by Kristen F. Davis Designs & currently for sale... }

Suzie: Jeffers Design Group  Taupe gray & red chic living room design with glossy red lamps, ...
{ Image via DecorPad design by Jeffers Design Group }
Abstract Art
{ Image via Pinterest; Original Source & Artist Jen Ramos of Made by Girl }
{ Image & Painting via Jen Ramos of Made by Girl }
{ Image & Painting via Jen Ramos of Made by Girl }
Kinda love her... if you hadn't noticed.

{ Image & Painting via Sketch 42... another obsession }
{ Image & Painting via Sketch 42 }
This image also has my other latest dream item...

Loading image ...
{ Large Hicks Pendant by Circa Lighting $525 }

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