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Gallery Wall Install

While I should have followed my own advice yesterday on installing a Gallery Wall, I tried to eyeball it & it took way too long!  Seriously folks, take the time to make your templates!!!  After a few extra holes in the wall, the wall is up!

This was my inspiration.  It came from a Kate Spade store... & apparently everyone wants that ampersand {&}.

Here is our version...

My main goal was to keep it fun.  No serious prints here.  These are a few of the images I used.

These sweet prints were a fun addition from Katie Daisy.  I love the colors & whimsy.  

I figured this Ampersand would work just as well! 

I had to cut this one to make it fit in the arrangement.  
Little did I know this would be Chloe's favorite.

I'm a big fan of these prints on old book pages.

& I couldn't help myself.  How fun is this one?

All of these were great Etsy Finds!!  Love me some Etsy.

Needing some more color, this was an old desktop wallpaper I had saved from Kate Spade... 

& this was an image I had found through Google Images ages ago.

& here is a sneak peak at the Party Bead Chandelier which is still hanging from our Dining Room doorway.

Link Party
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  1. Cute! I love the images you chose....and your girly ampersand is much better!

  2. Very cute. I am so wanting to do a gallery but haven't gotten there yet.

  3. wow that looks great! i love that you used different colored frames...i want to do a larger scale gallery wall, but that's where i'm stuck. differnt frames but same matting. same matting same frames. ugh!


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