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The Twelve Days of Christmas: Day 9...The Stockings were hung by the...

For those of you out there that are mantleless, chimney shy & fireplace free, where oh where does those stockings go?  & for that matter, how does Jolly Ole St. Nick make his appearance?  Here are some ideas:

This solution requires a trip out to the backyard (or a neighbors), some spray paint & ribbon.  Just make sure the branch is strong enough to hold all those stockings!
{ Image via Orange it Lovely }

This is a chic solution that could also serve as a fun alternative for the kids.  First stop are the stockings on the way down the stairs.
{ Image via Sweet as a Peach }

Who needs a mantle when you have this to run towards?  
{ Image via Trendy Tree }

Where is the first place the kids run? Mom & Dad's room.  This beautiful option might allow some sleepy parents to wake up a bit while the stockings are being examined.
{ Image via Country Living }

On the back of a chair...
{ Image via Orange it Lovely }

From a piano.
{ Image from The Cottage Chick }

& to the question of how does Santa get in with no chimney?  The magical Santa's Key!
{ Image via The Firefly Moon }
 There are many out on the market, but all you need is a key.  Any key will do.  Since it's magical it doesn't need to fit the door.  If you want to go the extra step, spray paint the key, add some special ribbon or a tag to let Santa know this is his to use.  Simply place outside on Christmas Eve...


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  1. Found your blog just the other day & I'm thoroughly loving many of your ideas/inspirations! I've been struggling for the 9+yrs we've been living in our home without a mantel (in general, but especially at the holiday season). Thanks for sharing such wonderfully easy solutions to the thorn in my holiday side!

    We also have huge space constraints (4 children ages 2-16 in 1400 sq ft). Quite the challenge when it comes to decorating for the holidays as everything pulls double or triple duty, leaving very little room for seasonal decorations. Stockings have been a major issue...but now thanks to you I have a solution I think we'll work wonderfully! Plus I'm loving the magic Santa key...a wonderful new tradition for our lil one (as our others are all old enough there is no longer Santa mystique for them, they are Santa's helpers now).


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