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Friend Request: Wine Corks

My friend asked a question about what to do with all of the wine corks she has saved... I started to look for some ideas.

This could be made with a Styrofoam ball.  I would place toothpicks in the corks & hot glue each into the ball.  Personally, I'd make a couple in different sizes...

Love this IDEA from Crafty Nest!  I would probably use a stronger glue like liquid nails & for longevity I would use this in a kitchen or an entry... Check out her blog for the outcome she had...
{ Image via Crafty Nest }

This candle holder is modern & so unexpected.  I may be making one myself!
{ Image via HGTV Canada }

Jump on the monogram bandwagon!  These would make a great Holiday Gift.
{ Image via The High Heeled Hostess }

Speaking of the holidays... Why not a wreath?
{ Image via Connect the Dots }

Wine Cork Crafts
This table is fantastic.  You could use a similar table from Ikea, Liquid Nails & glue away!  Top with a glass top & you're done!
{ Image via Alcohol Bars }

There are so many cork boards in the blogosphere... I love that this one has character.  It is made using an old door.
{ Image via BeHomeMade }

And finally, for the experienced crafter...

{ Image via House Finally }

Hope this helps E!  If anyone has any other ideas please leave them in the comments.

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