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I always wanted a Canopy Bed...

Growing up I always wanted a canopy bed.  So much so that it has spilled over into my adult wish list.  Ahhh... one day.  I guess I will have to settle with snuggling up with my baby girl in her bed (when we switch her over!), because she will be getting a canopy for sure!  We have the now discontinued Overlapping Squares Daybed from West Elm that will make its reappearance in a few months.  I have been looking for a way to make it a little sweeter...  Canopy definitely wins!  Now to determine which style...

Canopy Lite... You still get the grand fabric effect, without the actual canopy.

{ Image via here }
{ Image via here }
The Tent... 
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Shaped Canopy...
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{ Image via here }
And the winner is... (unless I find a better one before I make it...)
{ Image via Pinterest }
I love the how this is not screaming "TODDLER!!!" It can definitely grow with her.  It also seems relatively straight forward to DIY.  We'll see if I can pull off, or even attempt, the gathered ceiling panel! 

Here is her concept board I have been playing around with....

Luckily, we already have the furniture & her closet is already decked out in the Cole & Sons Birch Tree wallpaper.  So all we will be adding will be the canopy, trim to the existing boring white bedding, & a fun girly gallery wall.  The ampersand is inspired by a Kate Spade canvas, the LOVE was created by me, Love, Chloe (my daughter's name) is from a Chloe advertisement and the others are just Google searches.  I will be printing these out and framing them in ready made frames.  I think this room will be making a BIG change with a small budget! 

Cheers- K
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