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Teeny Tiny Parson for a Teeny Tiny Person

So, as you may remember, my initial thought was to get this Ikea chair for the corner. has been out of stock for four months!  So instead of wishing & hoping that it will eventually come back in stock I decided to open up the possibility of another chair.

On a recent escape from the house & the heat outside, I stumbled (literally) across a miniature leather Parson's chair at Homegoods.  It was cute, sturdy & $15!  But there was only 1 in sight.  I threw it (literally) in the cart & was on the hunt for a 2nd one.  Sure enough, I found it in the lamp aisle. 

After getting them home & in the chalkboard corner, they completely dissapeared.  They needed to be lighter.  I scoured the internet for a Parson slipcover & discovered this one from Ballard Design.
& after  a little more digging I found a tutorial on how to make them out of a drop cloth!  Ana White's tutorial was a great starting point.  I followed every step...EXCEPT with no sewing & in tiny form.  This was my first attempt at anything close to pattern making since Home Economics in the 7th grade.  So if I can do it, so can you.

First off MEASURE!
(I'm visual... I had to draw it out)

Then gather your supplies:

(1) 6 x 9 Drop Cloth... a real cloth one
Stitch-Wich or other fusable bonding tape
Tape Measure

Be sure to have on hand any other items needed from the product instructions for your fusable bonding. ie. a damp cloth.

Again, I followed Ana's instructions pretty closely, but here are the steps I took

Test your Seat & Back... they should fit like this:

(I attached the seat and back with the Stitch-Wich while on the chair to ensure a perfect fit)

Next, the box pleat:  I totally eyeballed this one.

Attach to the bottom hem of your slipcover, ensuring the hem is even all around the chair & VOILA!

Now here is the final product!

This could easily be modified for any armless chair.  This was the perfect solution for Chloe's Corner.  It brightened up the chairs & as an added bonus, when arts & craft supplies get on them, they can go in the wash!

You will not believe the next project for Chloe's Corner!  I am also  about to start our Master Bedroom overhaul.  Stay Tuned.

Cheers- K
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