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Ever since we moved into our small modest home three years ago, we have had a dead corner in the living room where nothing really quite works (except for the Christmas Tree).  After we had our daughter, I decided it would eventually make the perfect play corner for her.  I wanted a space that would promote creativity, allow for plenty of playtime &  seamlessly flow with the rest of our house (this is for the interior design degree I worked so hard for).  Yes, I know that last requirement seems far-fetched in the land of plastic furniture & primary colored toys, but does it have to be like that?  I say NO.
Here’s my Vision:
Floating Shelves:
The shelves would be a great space to allow the continuation of the adult living room as they would be at a height that little hands can’t reach.  Plus, it just so happened that we had 2 in the attic from an old apartment.  We pulled them down, dusted them off, primed (key step to painting any Ikea product) & painted them to match our trim.  Floating Shelves… Check.
Chalkboard Wall:
Yes, I listed out the pro’s & con’s of chalkboard vs. dry erase.  The con of chalkboard dust outweighed the idea of dry erase markers on other walls, furniture, clothes, babies.  Plus, bonus for me, it looks better.  I also added 3 coats of Rustoleum Magnetic Primer, as I envisioned magnetic letters & freshly painted finger paints being displayed on the wall.  I will say that I wasn’t as impressed with the Rustoleum Magnetic Primer as I was with the Rustoleum Chalkboard Paint.  After 3 coats, it will hold a magnet.  However, it will not hold a piece of paper with a magnet.
Table & Chairs:
The round table from Ikea would provide a great surface for tea parties & coloring alike.  Plus the added shelf would allow for more storage.  Always needed in a small space. I also liked the idea of these wicker chairs from Ikea.  Besides the fact that they are $19.99, they add a natural element to the area, they have arms (to keep little ones in) & they wouldn’t be quite as hard as the wood when falls do happen.
Slowly but surely, Chloe’s Corner is coming together.

Progress on Chloe’s Corner to be posted soon!
Cheers- K
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