Tips on Styling a Keurig

I know, I know… I am late to the Keurig party.  But with our limited counter space (before our renovation!) we barely had room for a dinner plate, much less a coffee maker.  And since I don't even drink coffee, shocker I know! my husband was quite content making his coffee in our french press.  Let's just say that all that has changed now.  With our new found, dare I say extra counter space?! And now having four people in the house all wanting a different beverage in the morning, the new Keurig 2.0 K250 Brewing System is the perfect fit for our family.  Lemon Iced Tea for me, Coffee for the hubs, Chai Latte for the 16 year old & Hot Cocoa for the 4 year old… Aside from being a more compact model, it also comes in seven stylish colors to match any interior.  Wanting ours to blend with our white kitchen… I went with white, but the genius minds over at Homepolish have paired up with Keurig to style the other bold colors!

Here are a few practical tips from Homepolish for incorporating a Keurig Brewer seamlessly into your own space.

Color Not Chaos: Brightening up small spaces // 

Keep things tidy by utilizing all of your vertical space for storage (like a magnetic knife strip and high shelving). There are a lot of sturdy shelving options out there that are easily taken down and reinstalled in a new apartment.

Once you have it organized, brighten it all up with color! Whether you’re choosing a new salt and pepper set, all new cookware, a new coffee maker or just some dish towels, go for bright and bold colors that will inject some life into a dark and/or cramped space.

The Secret to a Clutter-Free Kitchen: Color coordinating accessories //

“Distraction Design” is a totally reasonable tactic in the world of unforgiving rental leases. Choose a color scheme (all red, all purple, rainbow, whatever floats your boat) and get all of your kitchen supplies, like the Keurig 2.0 K250 brewer (which comes in fun colors like Turquoise, Violet and Orange Zest!), in that shade. When there is a color theme in a space, it feels considered.

Even if your cabinets are that awful weird wood color, a cohesive display of color-coordinating objects and appliances will make your kitchen feel purposeful and designed.

Homepolish has also launched a sweepstakes for any of you interested in a $1500 Kitchen Upgrade!!  Click here to enter

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!  We are leaving for vacation & yes, have taken our new Keurig with us. HA!

xo - Kristin

** Keurig has provided me with a Brewing System, but the opinions are my own.  Thanks to Homepolish for providing the additional imagery as well as fantastic tips.

Glass & Brass Sputnik

A little while ago I shared that we were adding a new light fixture into Chloe's room, as the previous chandelier (left over from when her room was our dining room!) just wasn't cutting it.  The original light hung a little too low & we needed a beautiful flush mount, which can often times be an oxymoron.   Luckily, Lucent Lightshop makes a few gorgeous options.  After falling for their fixtures we recently used in the kitchen, the decision to add their latest glass & brass version was a no brainer.  It is modern & feminine, soft & hard, basically a stunning juxtaposition of all the things that I love.  

To amp up the fancy factor for our little lady, we added a traditional ceiling medallion as well upon her request.  You know, one of those fancy circle things, Mom!

I love how the delicate spindles hold these glass accent disks & my favorite part is when the light is just right in the space, these gorgeous shadows are cast around the room.  I'm not sure who loves her light fixture more, me or C?!  Good thing I get to look at it every day too.

For more information about her room, you can find details here //

xo - Kristin

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