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macho fern // dichondra //boxwood // creeping jenny // wave petunias // arborvitae 

Each year, we buy new plants to spruce up our space but one way or another each of these vairities always end up in our yard.  So apparently they are my Go To Garden.  If I had my way I would live in an English topiary garden with all the formality.  Sadly, we do not.  But I like to replicate the feel into our own space  using tailored boxwoods & tall thin trees.  Lush trailing plants that cascade over the edges of urns are my absolute favorite.  Dichondra is this teeny little plant, that once planted just grows & grows & grows!  By the end of the summer it is perfection!  & don't tell anyone... but sometimes I magically get it to grow back the next year!  Don't ask me how though.  Another favorite spiller (that looks great with the Dichondra) are the Wave Petunias.  They come in almost every color & again just spill over the edges of your containers.  You'll know they are Wave Petunias by the Pink container they come in.

I did however go wild this year & picked up two braided Hibiscus Trees that are gorgeous!!!! Again, I think I was drawn to the lollipop shape.  But the added pop of color is great.  Fingers crossed I don't kill them.

Luckily, these are all available at your local Home Depot Garden Department & if you sign up for their Garden Club you can save some $$ too.

Remember that I will be at the Atlanta Midtown Home Depot hosting my Garden Party this Saturday & would love for you all to come!!!!  Here are the specifics again.

The Specifics

April 26th 

1pm - 4pm

The Home Depot // 650 Ponce De Leon Ave NE Atlanta, Georgia 30308 

You can RSVP on the Atlanta Garden Party Facebook page here.  

x o - Kristin

This is a Sponsored Post by the Home Depot

Foraged Flowers - Flower Arranging Made Easy

My favorite new trend is in floral decor.  Wildly gorgeous full floral arrangements, literally dripping with foliage.  You've all seen them around as of late.  And I even shared a How To link last week from Mandy | Waiting on Martha on Lindsey Coletta's work.  Lindsey shared some tips & tricks in the post that were truly helpful.

Knowing I have a few shoots & events of my own coming up, I decided to jump on board & tackle my first foraged arrangement.  I went into the yard, sharp scissors in hand & simply snipped off whatever I found to be attractive.  I would love to tell you exactly what I used... but I have no idea.  We inherited most of these plants.  I know there is some Azalea & Dogwood in there!  

My favorite tip is to use a wide mouthed vessel.  I used my MIL's silver ice bucket.  Which just so happens to be my favorite vase, well, ever.  The beauty of these arrangements is to pack them full of flowers & foliage to be able to create that lush look.

If I were to purchase this from a Florist, the price would be up there.  This beauty was completely found & free!  But, I think it looks like a million bucks.  How great would an arrangement like this be for your next hostess gift or Mother's Day!?!!!

I hope you all are having a fabulous week!!!

x o - Kristin

Lamp Finials

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One of my favorite ways to update an existing lamp is to top it off with a new shade & a fantastic decorative Lamp Finial.  And no one does Lamp Finials better than Hillary Thomas.  These toppers are literally jewelry for your lamp & can take an existing lamp to a showstopper!  My favorite look to switch up is taking a plain white lamp, with a plain white shade & adding a punch in the finial.  It is so unexpected.

Above are a few of my favorites from her collections.  Gah, they are all so pretty!!

I hope you all have a beautiful Easter Weekend!! & if your name is Sonya, be on the lookout for an email.  You won the Home Depot/P&G Prize Pack!!

x o - Kristin

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