DIY Floral Party Hats

Floral Designer Lindsay Coletta came to the rescue with these beautiful party hats!  I knew what I wanted but I know very little about living flowers except for the fact that they are beautiful.  Lindsay was able to create these using Pink Wax Flowers, Ranunculus & Zinnias.  She applied a bit of hot glue to adhere the small Wax Flowers because they are so hearty & added a little Floral Glue for the Ranunculus & Zinnias.  

We were both a little concerned with how they would hold up throughout the day, but they were amazing!  All the flowers held up beautifully, with no refrigeration or water.  In fact, the hat pictured above is still looking beautiful a week and a half later.  The flowers are drying out obviously, but it is still so darling I think we may let it dry out & keep it under a cloche in her room for a while.

Unfortunately, Oh Joy's beautiful Gold Polka Dotted Hats are no longer available at Target, but the addition of florals would make a statement on any party hats.

Thank you all for the sweet comments on Chloe's Garden Party!! 

New Drapery + Loom Decor Giveaway

I get to introduce you all to two things today... our new linen draperies in the perfect shade of green, as well as the company that makes them, Loom Decor.  Loom Decor is basically your own virtual workroom that will create semi custom textiles to your needs.  For example, rather than settling for one of the three color options for a drapery panel out of a catalog, you can go to Loom Decor's site & choose your style of drapery & choose all of your details from there.  Between the hundreds of designer fabric options, the choices in length, pleats & interlining, they are creating a custom panel just for your space. Each panel is also weighted to hang properly in your space.  Interlining & weights really take your drapery panels to the next level. 

Not only do they make all of their draperies in the USA, but they also give you the opportunity to customize a multitude of pillow styles, poufs, bedding & table linens.  Their easy to navigate site allows you to see the items you want in the fabric options you choose which makes the experience fun & hassle free.  You know exactly what you are getting, no questions of will this look right together?

They also have Stylists on hand that can assist you with any of your choices if needed.  They can recommend what would be best suited for your space & help suggest alternatives as well.

This has become a great source for my online clients as it is often difficult to trust a fabric workroom you have no experience with.  I know the quality will be fantastic & my clients will be thrilled.

Loom Decor has generously decided to give two of my readers $100 to their site.  To enter please follow this link here <<

And by the way... my Lucite Drapery Rod Tutorial will be up very soon!!!!  There is a big announcement with that one too.

Barcart: Society Social via Waiting on Martha // Chair: Home Decorators Collection // Mirror: Home Depot (may be available in stores)

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