Framing Postcards

Needing a little injection of color in our hallway, I decided to bring in a few new pieces of art into the space.  This little area has always been an awkward area, but I think I have finally nailed it with these stacked pieces from Atlanta Artist, Sally King Benedict.

I knew I needed a few smaller scaled pieces for this space & was instantly inspired after receiving my 2015 Calendar she cleverly had this year.  Each month has a 5x7 print that can be torn out & used as a postcard… or framed like I have done!  (btw… you can still get the calendars here!)  I choose three of the prints that complimented each other well & when it came to framing them, I knew I wanted to go the custom route.

Going custom on framing can be ridiculously expensive!  Even just having a mat cut properly can sometimes cost more than the actual item you are framing.  But luckily I decided to go with a company called Simply Framed.  Every frame is custom made with every detail chosen by you.  From frame style, to mat options & width to image placement.  I love the option of being able to float your item on top of the matting especially if it has worn edges, or even a scarf!  As my prints had one perforated edge, I made sure that they were framed using a traditional mat.  I also choose the antiqued silver frame to pick up the metallic silver in the wallpaper as well as a few of the brass accents in the space as well.

Once you have built your frame, you are provided with the information & shipping label to ship your artwork to them.  You receive an email once they are received (with a picture of your items!) and are updated throughout the entire process.  A short time later, your prints are returned to you professionally framed, without the insane markup!  They are delivered with the hardware to hang them & instructions as well…

Having these postcards professionally framed really took them to the next level & they are now the perfect fit for this little area.

Btw… for more information on this little space, check out my story on Domino today!

I hope you all have a great Holiday weekend!!  

xo - Kristin

My Favorite Leopard Fabric

my home

I don't know if my upcoming Disney Trip & all of my research on Animal Kingdom has me swayed or not, but I have had Leopard on my mind all week!  Leopard is a classic pattern to add into any space, and one of my favorite versions of the feline spots is Jamil, available at Lewis & Sheron.  It is a soft of luxurious velvet that lends itself to beautiful upholstery projects as well as throw pillows.  The last image has me seriously considering adding some Leopard X-Stools into my life… I mean, they would honestly work anywhere!

Whether tucked under a console, flanking the fireplace or as a stand in coffee table, these stools are so versatile & will stand the test of time.  And btw… Lewis & Sheron offers gorgeous Custom Furniture in their fabrics as well!  Something to keep in mind for future projects for sure.  

If you are feeling intimidated by this wild print, check out these other options that might work better in your own space.

FYI // If you are looking for any Outdoor or Floral Fabrics this month, use the code LOVESPRING at Lewis & Sheron for 15% off your order through May!

xo - Kristin
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